How to Make Group Voice or Video Calls in WhatsApp

After reporting sluggish earnings growth last week, Facebook has made a decision to monetize WhatsApp by display ads of businesses that link out to the messaging service, The Verge is reporting.

However, Clickatell says it is now authorised to give businesses access to the WhatsApp Business API, which it has already done with Absa, to roll-out the group's recently announced ChatBanking via WhatsApp.

While WhatsApp doesn't have advertising outright, it is increasing functionality for businesses on its platform called WhatsApp Business.

With Clickatell's integrations, a business can immediately start sending out notifications and conduct real time 2-way customer interactions. They can now programmatically send users information like shipping confirmations and boarding passes, offer real-time customer support, and accept inquiries via a click-to-chat button on their site (similar to how Facebook's Messenger plugin works). It is a standalone app separate from the other version of instant messaging platform WhatsApp being used by over 1.5 billion people.

In a WhatsApp blog, the company stated that it is introducing tools to help people and businesses communicate with each other.

FACEBOOK IS LOOKING to cash in on WhatsApp by charging sloppy businesses to send messages to customers.

A man poses with a smartphone in front of displayed Whatsapp logo in this illustration September 14, 2017. They will be charged for responses after 24 hours.

In addition to launching the Business API, the company will also launch a new display advertisement product on Facebook which will encourage people to start WhatsApp conversations with them.

The company stated that the approach allows users to have full control over the messages they receive, but that businesses will pay to send certain messages, which will be done so chats don't get cluttered. The new WhatsApp feature is now available for users around the world on iOS and Android.

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