Fortnite is out now on Android exclusively on Samsung

Fortnite is out now on Android exclusively on Samsung

Fortnite is out now on Android exclusively on Samsung

"Digital Wellbeing is now available in Beta Preview for devices running Android 9.0", the app's listing on the Google Play Store notes.

The userbase of Android is much higher than iOS so even if the Google Play Store doesn't charge fees as high as Apple, its still a huge loss for the company, at least $50 million as suggested by data analysts.

Because there are no Android servers yet, this is the only way for Android players to get into a live game now.

XDA-Developers explains that when people sign up to the beta, their Pixel downloads an app that replaces a placeholder app, making everything work just fine. The Play Store will return the following text at the top of your results.

Yes, Google misspelled the name of the game - it's "Royale", not "Royal". The game will instead be available from Epic's servers cutting Google out completely.

Fake games on the Play Store have been a problem for some time.

Epic Games' free-to-play multiplatform game just crossed the billion-dollar threshold thanks to in-game purchases where players pay upgrades to customize their characters. But when the game opens up to all Android devices in the coming days, gamers won't find the app in the official Google Play Store. If the battle royale genre loses steam, it might have trouble getting users to its website to download the game, which requires extra steps and makes updating a pain.

There are now two places that you can go to either download Fortnite, or at least sign up to be included in the Beta launch.

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