Demi Lovato's bodyguard helped save her life

Demi Lovato has reportedly agreed to go to rehab following her overdose in July. More

Demi Lovato has reportedly agreed to go to rehab following her overdose in July. More

Another source says Demi's decision to seek treatment was encouraged by her family. "During her time in the hospital, she became physically sick, and the doctors wanted to make sure they kept a close eye on her until they were certain she was fine to be released". At the time, they said that a 25-year-old woman was in the process of being taken to hospital and that she was in a stable condition.

After hearing the assistant screaming "she's dead, she's dead", a bodyguard is said to have rushed to the room and administered first aid, reportedly clearing Lovato's airway to allow her to breathe until paramedics arrived and administered Narcan.

Demi Lovato is still in the hospital following her reported July 24 drug overdose but has agreed to go to rehab, according to reports. We've learned exclusively that he's so grateful that she's accepting help after her alleged overdose! She wants to get help.

TMZ reports that Demi Lovato was in such poor health when she overdosed that her assistant thought she had died.

But it turned out that when she was in a sober-living situation, she still had an active eating disorder and was drinking vodka and using cocaine, she told "Access Hollywood" in 2013.

It's unclear what drug or drugs she was using that night, as Lovato was reportedly uncooperative with authorities after she was revived at the scene. In the song, she apologized for letting down her family and fans. "This is not anything that can be forced", a source tells People.

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