BTS's J-Hope Spotted In Drake's New MV

Drake posts video for the song “In my feelings”

Drake posts video for the song “In my feelings”

The comedian behind the "In My Feelings" challenge is addressing the viral dance craze that's prompted police departments and safety officials around the world to warn against the trend.

An internet sensation came full circle Thursday night as Drake dropped his video for "In My Feelings", and it's just as unbelievable as you would expect from the rap star. Director Karena Evans was also spotted down in NO, along with IG star Shiggy, the man responsible for the "In My Feelings" dance challenge that catapulted the record to #1 on the charts.

Earlier this month, Shiggy and Drake met for the first time on the same night that In My Feelings hit number one, with the Canadian rapper thanking the funnyman for his role in the song's success.

"I'm trying to tell you, I love you, girl, for real", Drake says before her mother hilariously attempts to get him to leave their house.

Celebrities abound as Drake strolls through the streets of New Orleans in his In My Feelings video.

"And then this kid from NY that spits when he talks all the time did some dance to it and then the world did the dance and Will Smith was there". Toward the end, there's footage of various celebrities - DJ Khaled, Odell Beckham Jr., the cast of Queer Eye and Stranger Things, and Will Smith, among others - participating in the viral dance challenge.

Drake's fifth studio album - Scorpion - is now number one in the United Kingdom album charts.

Prominently featured in the video is New Orleans dancer and Tulane student Satchel Joseph, daughter of News with a Twist co-host LBJ.

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