Brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on sale for $520

Fortnite could launch on Android August 9th

Here's (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About the Galaxy Note 9

And if Samsung's leaked launch plans are any indication, the company doesn't seem confident at all in the Note 9's ability to sell itself. The Galaxy Note 9 512 GB unlocked will cost 1099 GBP which is around $1,500.

Samsung seemingly has a number of big promotions ready for when the Galaxy Note 9 is released on August 24th.

Verizon might be gearing up for one of its famous buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF) pre-order offers on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

According to these rumours, the Note 9 and Tab S4 will receive 30 days of exclusivity. While the size is only slightly different from Galaxy Note 8, the phone will also come with a tweak to its design.

Credit: Weibo/Techtastic.nlThere's now photographic evidence of an AKG bundle for the Note 9, as spotted by Dutch blog Techtastic. From day 1 - in fact, from even before day 1 - at least one major United States wireless carrier is running a BOGO offer on the Galaxy Note 9.

Multiple sites have already reported that Fortnite will make its Android debut as a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive.

That's around £30 more than the Note 8, though U.S. pricing of the device remains unknown at the moment.

First of all, a leaked version of the APK reportedly runs a hardware check to ensure that you're running the Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4.

Regardless of which Android devices Fortnite will work with and for how long, it looks like Galaxy Note 9 owners will have the chance to kit themselves out in the game. So, if you're one of those people who doesn't mind buying Samsung's past year flagship, we have a pretty decent deal for your courtesy to eBay seller never-msrp.

If it's legit, the offer will likely apply to new lines only, with savings paid back as bill credit over 24 months.

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