Alexa’s New ‘Answer Update’ Feature Lets It Respond To Old Questions

Alexa isn’t the shopping behemoth Amazon hoped it would

Alexa’s New ‘Answer Update’ Feature Lets It Respond To Old Questions

Now, the voice-based digital assistant is going to get a new skill that will enable it to notify the users when it learns new things or primarily the answers to the questions it didn't have an answer for before.

So while Amazon's Alexa is able to make some aspects of life easier, using voice commands to shop online just hasn't become a habit for most people, at least not yet. 90% of the users didn't try it again, whereas the other 18% used the gadget to track orders that were made on other devices and find new deals.

It's not clear why exactly more Alexa device owners are not making purchases with their voice. Even those functions can be cagey: As Gizmodo colleague Alex Cranz noted in a recent review of Amazon's Fire TV Cube, voice-controlled systems can turn simple tasks into irritating shouting sessions.

Amazon Alexa doesn't have all the answers.

All these facts ultimately make sense as browsing the authentic Amazon site manually to make the purchase is unarguably a finer way to compare the options than having options suggested via speech. The capability can also be enabled by saying, "Alexa, turn on Answer Update".

"Integrating Amazon Alexa in our range represents a great boost to SEAT's digital ecosystem and connectivity and certainly contributes to position the brand as a front-runner in connected vehicles in Europe", says SEAT President Luca de Meo.

One of the sources stated that it is simply the matter of finding a way out of boosting people to continue purchasing via Alexa through data analysis, after which they could flourish the market quickly.

The new feature was first spotted by VoiceBot and confirmed by Amazon to TechCrunch, which says the update is rolling out to Alexa now. It offers a wide variety of features including but not limited to answering questions. Unfortunately for Amazon, nobody really uses that feature.

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