Aeromexico plane carrying 101 people crashes in northern Mexico

Aeromexico plane carrying 101 people crashes in northern Mexico

Aeromexico plane carrying 101 people crashes in northern Mexico

A USA passenger aboard a flight that crashed on takeoff in northern Mexico said that a strong burst of wind and hail hit the Aeromexico jetliner, apparently knocking it back to the ground, where there were only moments to evacuate before it burned. Passengers and crew jumped to safety before the plane was engulfed in flames.

Al Jazeera's John Holman, reporting from the capital Mexico City, said that some of the passengers were able to walk to the nearest motorway to ask for help following the crash.

Other passengers described people being trapped at the back of the smoke-filled plane and helping others make it out of the flames. However, he said, "the majority of passengers left (the plane) under their own power".

Flores said her passport and documents burned in the fire.

"I had a gut feeling: just record it, just record it", she said.

Photos posted by Durango Civil Protection show smoke rising from the apparent crash site, which was surrounded by first responders and emergency vehicles.

"Then all of a sudden the plane starts rocking and it starts seriously, seriously moving around and then hitting the ground".

The accident happened close to Guadalupe Victoria International Airport, said the airport, which is closed.

But most terrifying was the brutal wind, which was so intense it made the wings of the plane shake.

The airport operator said preliminary information indicates the adverse weather conditions led to the crash.

During a press conference the CEO of Grupo Aeromexico, Andres Conesa, expressed, "Our heart is with those affected and their families".

Almost everyone suffered some injuries, Mexican officials say.

It came down within minutes of take-off, injuring 80 people, a spokesman for Durango State Civil Protection said.

"Let me tell you one thing, Sunday there's going to be a lot of people praying and asking for healing", said Alberto Espinoza, a parishioner at Father Sanchez's church.

A Mexican official says 37 people suffered only slight injuries when an Aeromexico airliner crashed after takeoff in northern Mexico on Tuesday.

Red Cross workers and rescue workers carry an injured person on a stretcher, right, as airline workers, left, walk away from the site where an Aeromexico airliner crashed in a field near the airport in Durango, Mexico. The governor said the plane went down after the runway.

Aeromexico said the plane was on a flight from Durango to Mexico City.

The 17-year-old high school student from Northlake, a suburb of Chicago, was one of 65 US citizens among the 103 passengers and crew aboard the Aeromexico (AEROMEX.MX) passenger jet that crashed near the runway shortly after take-off.

Aeromexico has not had any fatal crashes in the past 10 years.

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