YouTube’s Ban Ineffective: Alex Jones Streams on Another Channel

Alex Jones

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Facebook initially said that the videos didn't violate the social media sites policies but he has now been banned for a 30 day period after Facebook's community standards were broken by the conspiracy theorist.

Several Facebook pages tied to Alex Jones, including the official pages for Infowars and Alex Jones himself, are close to being removed from the platform for violating its community standards multiple times, a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC. One of the four banned videos had even been marked as acceptable after a moderator reviewed it last month, according to TechCrunch.

Earlier this week, YouTube removed four videos posted by Jones and issued a warning that more violations could result in a ban from the video platform.

In two other videos he said were removed by YouTube, Jones suggested Muslims who immigrated to Europe were gaining control of countries on that continent.

The penalty from the social media giant comes after Jones - known for his right-wing Infowars network - repeatedly violated Facebook's community standards, which prohibit content that incites bullying or attacks based on religious affiliation or gender identity.

Alex Jones, the founder of conspiracy site InfoWars, has been suspended by Facebook. The fourth was reported about one month ago, but Facebook incorrectly determined that it did not violate its community standards at the time.

Three of the videos were reported to Facebook on Wednesday, but it's unclear what content they contained.

Since founding Infowars in 1999, Jones has built a vast audience.

The videos, which included a clip of a man pushing a child to the ground, were posted on Jones' Infowars website. In February, YouTube levied a strike for a video claiming that David Hogg, one of the outspoken student survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, was a "crisis actor". The company is drawing a line by banning Jones for 30 days, but it's unclear if it would have done so if the news of Jones being punished on YouTube hadn't bubbled to the surface. Infowars was not immediately available for comment. "We try to make it so that it doesn't get much distribution".

What are the details of Jones' Facebook suspension?

Facebook has made it crystal clear that if the posts incite violence or misinformation, it would be removed.

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