Trump willing to 'shut down' government over border security

Trump willing to 'shut down' government over border security

Trump willing to 'shut down' government over border security

Democrats in Congress are now fighting Trump's immigration plans, and say they won't fund any wall unless Trump offers "Dreamers", who came to the USA illegally as children, a way of getting citizenship. President Trump tweeted. "Must get rid of Lottery, Catch & Release etc. and finally go to system of Immigration based on MERIT!".

And in April, at a campaign rally, the president said, "We come up again on September 28th and if we don't get border security we will have no choice, we will close down the country because we need border security".

The Trump administration, though, has been under enormous pressure for its policy of separating immigrant families at the border and then, in some cases, failing to reunite them-or to even have a clue for how to do so.

Also on Sunday morning, Trump said he met with the publisher of the New York Times at the White House, and discussed the "fake news" and his comments where he called the media the "enemy of the people".

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said lawmakers were considering an appropriations measure seeking an additional $5 billion for the wall.

The GOP controls both chambers of Congress, though it requires at least a handful of Democratic votes to pass legislation.

"Congress must act on fixing the DUMBEST & WORST immigration laws anywhere in the world!"

McConnell, asked about a shutdown during a Kentucky radio interview, said it was not going to happen.

"The only things the Democrats do well is "Resist, ' which is their campaign slogan, and "Obstruct.' Cryin" Chuck Schumer has nearly 400 great American people that are waiting 'forever" to serve our Country!"

"[Democrats] don't want the wall", Trump said in May. Democrats have often assailed the wall proposal, along with some Republicans.

During the presidential campaign, Trump frequently promised that Mexico would pay for construction of the wall, but the Mexican government has refused to do so.

Democrats believe they will make significant gains in the midterms, and any gains could make it more hard for Trump to secure money for the construction of the wall.

He also threatened to shutdown the government in March if he didn't get his wall but eventually caved and signed a budget deal put together by a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders.

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