Saved Thai Soccer Team Can't Accept Invite to Attend World Cup Final

Coach Ekkapol Chantawong has fought malnutrition and exhaustion to keep caring for his beloved Wild Boar boys soccer team

Coach Ekkapol Chantawong has fought malnutrition and exhaustion to keep caring for his beloved Wild Boar boys soccer team

They were trapped in the cave that became flooded by monsoon rains while they were exploring it after a soccer practice on June 23.

Tech-billionaire Elon Musk also said that he has visited the site of the rescue operation and has delivered them a mini-submarine to be used if necessary.

Musk posted an image of his email correspondence with Dick Stanton, the British diver who first made contact with the football squad and their coach, in which Stanton asked the inventor to keep working on a project that could potentially bear fruit. Eight of the boys-all of whom are in good health-have been rescued so far.

"MUFC is relieved to learn that the 12 footballers and their coach trapped in a cave in Thailand are now safe", Manchester United have said in a statement. Four boys were retrieved one at a time through the cave by two divers.

A Thai well wisher puts a poster to pray for boys and their football coach.

The 12 soccer teammates who were trapped in a flooded Thai cave for more than two weeks are finally out, and are now being closely monitored in hospital. The boys and their coach have to spend time in isolation to protect against the spread of any possible infections they may have contracted while in the cave. "Everyone is in high spirits and is happy to get out".

The disappearance, discovery and rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team has gripped people all over the world.

The Thai Navy SEALs said they still were waiting on four SEAL personnel to come out of the cave after they stayed with the boys on a dry shelf inside the flooded cave.

Underscoring the danger behind the mission, Ivan Karadzic said, "They are diving in something considered an extremely hazardous environment".

Family members have seen at least some of the boys from behind a glass barrier. Six of the 12 boys on the soccer team attend her school.

Heavy rains lashed the northern Thai region late Monday and a steady downpour has continued Tuesday.

A huge rescue operation is now entering its third day.

Nargonsak said this phase may take longer than the previous two rescue missions.

"Just returned from Cave 3", read the caption, likely referring to Chamber Three, a crucial part of the cave system about 0.3 miles (0.5 kilometers) from the entrance.

Payap Maiming, who helped provide food and necessities to rescue workers and journalists, noted that fact. Musk posted several videos to his Twitter account that show the submarine being tested in a swimming pool. Thai and foreign divers safely led the other eight youngsters out of the cave earlier in the week.

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