Samsung announces "Unbreakable" OLED panel

Samsung announces

Samsung announces "Unbreakable" OLED panel

It's their new "unbreakable" OLED display which ditches the glass coating we're accustomed to for a bendable plastic layer.

San Francisco: Samsung on Thursday announced that its recently developed flexible and unbreakable OLED-smartphone panel has received certification from US-based global safety consulting and certification company, Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

"Even in a subsequent 1.8-meters drop test - significantly higher than the USA military standard - Samsung Display's unbreakable panel operated normally with no sign of damage", the company said.

Samsung said its flexible panel "functioned normally, with no damage to its front, side or edges" even after being dropped from almost 4 feet 26 times.

The testing includes dropping the screen from 1.2 metres (about 4 feet) twenty six times in a row!

Samsung claims that enriched plastic used here is very similar to glass with the point of view of its capacity and hardness, being much more flexible. The company says the durability characteristics are retained at temperatures from -32 to 71 degrees. However, Samsung hasn't pegged a mass production date just yet, and there isn't any word on when the company plans on actually launching the new unbreakable OLED display.

Samsung Display reveals the component will be used in future smartphones, and is expected to enter other "viable markets" - e.g. vehicle display consoles, tablets and portable gaming devices.

There is also a possibility that Samsung could use these panels for its bendable screen phone named Galaxy X. Reportedly, Samsung's bendable phone could fold into thirds. After all 26 drops were performed, UL found no damage on the front, sides, or edges of the display. In fact, Samsung says the display even survived 1.8-meter drops without any damage done to the panel which is really incredible.

According to reports, during UL's trials, Samsung's display technology was rigorously tested in every sense of the word.

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