Questions about Kavanaugh temper enthusiasm for Trump pick

US President Donald Trump congratulates his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

US President Donald Trump congratulates his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

President Trump announced his pick for his Supreme Court nomination on Monday night, tapping Brett Kavanaugh for the position.

Pence, who is also president of the Senate, called Kavanaugh a "good man" and "quite simply the most qualified and the most deserving nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States".

Democrats, including Senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin, are anxious Kavanaugh could try to weaken the Affordable Care Act and abortion rights should he be confirmed to the bench.

President Donald Trump's nominee to fill Kennedy's seat, Brett Kavanaugh, would likely take the court in a different direction.

While President Trump stands staunchly against the Clean Power Plan, a Supreme Court decision narrowing the authority of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gasses could limit the ability of future administration's to change course. "I can personally attest that, in addition to his government and judicial service, Judge Kavanaugh has been a longtime friend to many of us in the Yale Law School community".

Democrats, who are in the minority, may not be able to block him, but they argue that Kavanaugh would shift the court further to the right, potentially threatening access to abortion and undermining the Affordable Care Act.

Fallon, who is the executive director of Demand Justice, a new group that promotes progressive judicial nominees, said his organization has been working to persuade senators to oppose Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Dan Sullivan said Thursday that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has his full support, after they met in Sullivan's office.

According to The Washington Post, Kavanaugh reported having between $60,000 and $200,000 in debt between three credits cards and a personal loan in 2016 but the debt either was paid off or fell below the required amount to be reported.

"I don't think it's an overblown statement to say it's one of the most important nominations for the court in a very long time", Covington concluded.

Although Republicans have a 51-49 advantage in the Senate, the absence of Sen.

Democrats hope two Republicans who back abortion rights, Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, will vote against the nominee. "Ever since I joined the faculty, I have admired him for serving as a teacher and mentor to our students and for hiring a diverse set of clerks, in all respects, during his time on the court".

"He's already on the second greatest court in the union and he has handled himself very, very well", Hatch said before the meeting, adding he expects Kavanaugh's confirmation to go well. The ease of Supreme Court confirmations depends, in part, on electoral politics in the Senate. A slate of progressive senators and 2020 White House hopefuls, including Sens.

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