Light is prototyping a smartphone with 9 camera sensors

Light is prototyping a smartphone with 9 camera sensors

Light is prototyping a smartphone with 9 camera sensors

Some of those concepts included smartphones featuring five to nine camera lenses on the back, capable of taking up to 64 megapixel shots, with sophisticated depth effects and low-light performance.

Yes, you read that right. Light says a smartphone with its multi-lens design will be announced later this year, but it will be interesting to see how those lenses affect the cost. Specifically highlighting the camera function, it is the most favorite feature while designing as well as purchasing a Smartphone.

The Light L16 camera is a unique design that features - "Multiple small and affordable camera modules that are built-in".

Light, a startup known for its 16-lens camera, is bringing its futuristic technology to a new smartphone.

Forget about Huawei's triple-camera system on the P20 Pro, or even LG's rumored five-camera V40 - a company is reportedly developing a smartphone with up to nine cameras, no joke.

How many cameras is too many cameras?

With traditional players entering in multi-lens phone segment, let's hope that the newcomer Light's project - a phone with 9 cameras - does not stumble like L16.

Talking of the L16 camera, it is a compact camera that captures the details at multiple focal lengths. Well, you're about to get a case of phone-camera-envy anyway.

Despite being an impressive beast the Light L16 camera was never truly going to take the world by storm thanks to its high price and limited software capabilities. Is the rumoured Light phone immediately on your radar?

As you zoom in or out, the L16 chooses the best combination of 28mm, 70mm, and 150mm camera modules for your scene.

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