Kevin Nicholson Team: Tammy Baldwin a ‘Liberal Obstructionist’ for Opposing Brett Kavanaugh

Federal appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a longtime judge and former clerk of retiring Justice Kennedy

Federal appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a longtime judge and former clerk of retiring Justice Kennedy

President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh to succeed retiring Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from the red state of West Virginia left no uncertainty about what he thinks of Senate Minority Leader Schumer's push to oppose Kavanaugh. "A judge must interpret the Constitution as written". Leonard Leo is with me now. Is it any wonder that President Trump chose Kavanaugh from the list of 25? Shah said Kavanaugh's friends reimbursed him, and he's no longer in charge of purchasing the tickets. "If you're concerned about women's rights and you're concerned about health care, the environment, (you need to) understand that the majority of this Supreme Court is about is working for the wealthy and the powerful against the needs of ordinary Americans". One feminist group is also demanding an investigation into whether Judge Kavanaugh knew anything about sexual harassment claims against another federal judge for whom he clerked in 1991. "I will say this, it will go back to the states and then, the state will then make a determination". And that's one of the debates we've had about independent counsels and special prosecutors over the years.

McConnell said he believes there are "only a fairly small number of people who are genuinely undecided" and that key Republican senators - like Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska - whose votes are needed if no Democrats support Kavanaugh, won't make up their minds until after the hearings. "I think he is an excellent choice by the president". "The country wants the President to be "one of us" who bears the same responsibilities of citizenship that all share".

The pressure will be most intense on Sens.

Various media organizations have speculated U.S. Sen.

Capito, who attended Monday's announcement ceremony, said Kavanaugh emphasized his originalist view of the U.S. Constitution and what the Founding Fathers were thinking when they drafted the document. "If you care about women, families, and children, I urge you to stand up with me and make your voice heard". "The ramifications of this battle will last a generation or more", he said. Does cultivating judges who align with a political agenda conflict with the idea of judicial independence?

Trump has asked that the judge be confirmed by October 1. There's no surefire way to do that.

In 2016, Kavanaugh ruled in favor of a division of Verizon, which had ordered employees to stop displaying pro-union signs.

KING: Now let's talk a little bit about precedent.

Baldwin also cautioned that another Trump Supreme Court justice might overturn Obamacare, eliminate pre-existing conditions, and overturn Roe v. Wade.

LEO: But here's the bottom line.

"The fundamental right to abortion must be here to stay".

The fiercest partisans of the two parties look at the courts in very different ways. And I know that that's what President Trump was looking for.

President Trump's other appointee to the high court, Justice Neil Gorsuch, reported assets in excess of $3.6 million.

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