Facebook closes three apps you probably didn’t know existed

Facebook closes three apps you probably didn’t know existed

Facebook closes three apps you probably didn’t know existed

Facebook has just consigned three mobile apps to the trash: Moves, Hello and tbh.

Facebook's product manager Nikita Bier co-founded "tbh", an abbreviated millennial slang expanding into "to be honest" as an anonymous social media app for high school students in the US. While Google seems to hold onto apps long after they've failed to take off (witness the ridiculous number of chatting apps the company is still keeping alive, despite their obvious overlap), Facebook takes a more decisive brutal approach.

All three apps will have their user data erased from existence within 90 days, according to Facebook.

Perhaps most notable is the shutdown of the fitness tracking Moves application, which Facebook acquired in April of 2014 as Apple's own push into health and fitness tracking picked up steam. The Moves app and Moves API will be deprecated on July 31, so if you use the app or rely on the API for one of your apps, it's time to look for alternatives.

On Monday, Facebook said it was shutting tbh and two other apps due to "low usage". Hello was an app specifically for people in Brazil, the USA, and Nigeria where Android users can combine their contacts' Facebook information with the contact details that are in your phone.

"We regularly review our apps to assess which ones people value most", the post reads.

Next up is tbh, an anonymous social media app for teens in the USA and which the company bought only a year ago.

The app was later acquired by Facebook in 2017 and is expected to be put to rest in the coming weeks. At the time of its acquisition, it had 2.5 million daily active users despite being limited to an iOS version and only active in 35 states, but clearly teens are fickle - who knew? But we need to prioritise our work so we don't spread ourselves too thin. Sometimes this means closing an app and its accompanying APIs. They will be "deprecating" the app in a few weeks. It's only by trial and error, Facebook says, that they'll create great social experiences for people.

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