Egyptian zoo accused of painting donkey to look like zebra

Egyptian zoo accused of bad paint job by coloring donkeys to look like zebrasMore

Egyptian zoo accused of bad paint job by coloring donkeys to look like zebrasMore

Mahmoud Sarhani said: "When we went to the zebra side, there was only one zebra".

Mohamed Sultan denies that the animal at the International Gardens Park in Cairo is a fake despite experts saying that they look like donkeys.

Mahmoud A. Sarhan took a photo of what appeared to be a donkey painted with black stripes to resemble a long-eared, miniature-sized zebra during a visit to the International Garden municipal park in the Egyptian capital.

Student Mahmoud A. Sarhani highlighted the deception in a Facebook post that has since been shared by concerned animal lovers all over the world.

Social media users noted that the "zebra" had long floppy ears and that its stripes were smudged, leading to debate online over what species it was.

Running makeup aside, the animals also sport distinctively pointy donkey ears and lack a zebra's black snout.

Egyptian zoo ‘paints donkey’ to look like zebra
Some people reckon this “zebra” is actually a donkey

Mr Sarhan told Extranews that the enclosure contained two animals and that both had been painted.

A zoo in Egypt is facing some questions after a photo emerged of a less-than-stellar looking zebra.

The zoo has denied the allegations insisting their zebras are real.

On first glance, the animal appeared to fit the bill, but a closer look revealed several inconsistencies and a slap-dash paint job.

This is not the first time that a zoo has been accused of trying to fool its audience.

In 2013, a zoo in China angered guests by trying to pass off a hairy dog as a lion.

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