Cornwall woman takes vehicle for accidental, two-week joyride

Cornwall woman takes vehicle for accidental, two-week joyride

Cornwall woman takes vehicle for accidental, two-week joyride

Not long afterwards, a black Nissan Infiniti, which had been parked in the same lot, was reported stolen to local police. The woman, meanwhile, had unknowingly kept the keys to her rental. The manager, now slightly confused, observed the keys to belong to an Infinity, a vehicle the woman did not rent.

In Cornwall, Ont., the where-the-hell-did-I-park scenario took on a odd and novel twist recently, after a black Nissan Infiniti, that was reported missing from a Walmart parking lot in late June, was found when a woman tried to return it to a local auto rental company.

He recounted his story to the manager, who thought nothing of it much until the woman returned with the QX50 two weeks later.

After asking the woman where she went after leaving the auto rental two weeks before, the woman explained what happened and together the pair returned to the scene of the crime - to the Walmart parking lot where the Nissan she had rented was still parked. Apparently, the man had left the key fob inside the vehicle so the woman could start and drive the auto, not realizing it wasn't hers.

A woman in Cornwall, Ontario, rented a auto, did some grocery shopping, and left the store - leaving the parking lot driving another person's vehicle.

In June, the woman went to Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Cornwall, Ontario, and rented a black Nissan Sentra, CBC reports.

A CANADIAN woman "stole" a complete stranger's auto following an nearly unbelievable carpark stuff-up.

When she exited with her groceries, she loaded them into a vehicle that wasn't her rental.

The rental agent had her retrace her steps and they went to the Walmart parking lot where they found the Nissan still parked.

"She was upset because the ashtray was dirty, there were papers in the glove box, and there were golf clubs in the back", Cornwall Const. Tommy MacKay said. "And she was giving the manager the business on renting her a dirty vehicle", MacKay said.

That's when the manager called the police.

The manager and the woman, who police say was a "wee bit embarrassed" by this point, contacted police.

She immediately phoned police to explain the situation. And she didn't realize her mistake for another two weeks.

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