Comedian claims he prank called President Trump

Comedian John Melendez says he prank-called President Trump on Air Force One masquerading as New Jersey senator

Comedian claims he prank called President Trump

The result was an impromptu six-minute conversation on immigration and the Supreme Court between the president and the radio host and comedian John Melendez, known to his listeners as "Stuttering John".

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., speaks during an event kicking off his campaign for re-election at Union City High School in Union City, N.J. on March 28, 2018.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The comedian pretended to be Menendez and asked the President a series of questions involving Trump's impending Supreme Court nominee and his controversial immigration policy.

"You take care", says the voice that sounds like Trump's, at the end of the call.

"I'd like to do the larger solution, rather than the smaller solution", Trump said.

"I think that pretty much says it all", Paul remarked, imitating Stelter's motion of putting his head in his hands.

He was then astounded to receive a call back on his cell phone from Donald Trump himself.

The alleged visit comes as Politico reports that the White House is scrambling to figure out how the prank caller got Trump on the line.

"We have to have security at the border ... and that's a good issue for the Democrats too, Bob".

As to how John was able to prank call the president aboard Air Force One - which again is a truly unbelievable security breach that somehow happened - he explained on his podcast that it just took a lot of confidence. It's unclear whether Melendez was being serious-like we said two paragraphs ago, he is a comedian and a prankster-but he spent 11 tweets furthering the storyline.

According to U.S. media report, of the inquiry by the White House with the senator's office about the conversation president thought he had with him on Thursday, the senator's staff were confused.

In the call, Melendez poses as Sen. "What can I tell them that you're going to do, you know, moving forward?" Trump said he is looking at several great candidates and would have a pick in 12 to 14 days.

Trump is by no means the only world leader to be duped into a phone call.

"This is how easy it is to infiltrate the administration", the funnyman said in his podcast of the Wednesday night hoax.

During the conversation, a voice that appears to be that of Trump can be heard congratulating the comedian, posing as Menendez, for being acquitted of bribery in 2017. When asked at one point why he has a California telephone number that does not match one the White House has for Menendez's office, he says they are on vacation - even though the Senate was in session at the time. "I gave them a news story on their laps", he added.

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