Boulder falls from Jerusalem’s Western Wall, barely…

Знак свыше из Стены Плача выпал камень весом 100

Boulder falls from Jerusalem’s Western Wall, barely…

"This is an unusual and most rare incident that has not occurred for decades", said Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch. The Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque are located above the Western Wall. In a notable case in 2004, large pieces of Western Wall stone fell in the mainstream prayer plaza - slightly injuring a Yom Kippur worshiper - due to erosion caused by foreign metal objects inserted into the Wall's cracks by birds.

A stone weighing 100 pounds fell from the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem today, July 23, and fell to the ground, which is intended for common prayer.

The footage showed the stone falling from a height of about seven metres in a almost vacant section of the wall adjacent to its picture-postcard main plaza, where Jewish worshippers traditionally cram written prayers into crevices. "But, it can be that it may continue to other stones".

IAA officials said several possibilities may have contributed to the rock falling, adding that the Western Wall is regularly monitored to ensure it is safe for the thousands who pray at the site.

Despite the falling rock, Mr Hasson was able to joke that it was testament to the original builders.

Знак свыше из Стены Плача выпал камень весом 100
Boulder falls from Jerusalem’s Western Wall, barely…

But, he said, "I wish that everybody could have a builder who would construct such buildings that a stone falls out only after 2,000 years".

The breakage comes just a day after the Western Wall plaza was filled with worshippers marking Tisha B'Av-a day of fasting and mourning the destruction of the two holy Jewish temples at the site.

While the egalitarian section has been closed since the incident, he believes visitors should stand a few feet back from the wall in all of its sections, for safety reasons.

A massive boulder dislodged from the Western Wall on Monday, crashing into the Ezrat Yisrael egalitarian section, which was empty at the time.

A 2014 study by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem charted erosion in the different kinds of limestone that make up the Western Wall and said it was a problem for engineers concerned about its stability.

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