United Nations condemns 'excessive' Israeli force against Palestinians

Israeli drone targets ‘fire kite’ sites in eastern Gaza

United Nations condemns 'excessive' Israeli force against Palestinians

The United Nations General Assembly voted to condemn Israel for its response to the months-long "March of Return" protests in the Gaza Strip, but torpedoed a USA -drafted amendment that would have denounced Hamas' role in fomenting violence.

The resolution also asked United Nations chief Antonio Guterres to report back within 60 days on proposals "on ways and means for ensuring the safety, protection and well-being of the Palestinian civilian population under Israeli occupation, including recommendations regarding an global protection mechanism".

While passage of the resolution condemning Israel passed overwhelmingly, Ahren speculated that the vote for the amendment "underlined that Israel's enemies don't automatically win every single vote in the worldwide body, and showed that more countries wanted to temper the anti-Israel resolution they were about to support with a condemnation of Hamas than not".

Despite worldwide condemnation of its use of lethal force, Israel said numerous dead were armed and that the Israeli army was defending itself against attacks on the border fence with Gaza.

Unlike a resolution on Palestinian civilian protection that was vetoed by the USA in the UN Security Council on 1 June, Wednesday's identical resolution in the Assembly was not subject to the same rules as exist in the Council.

Kites and balloons affixed with incendiary devices have been flown into Israel by Gazans since March 30 when the Hamas terror organization, which controls Gaza, began "March of Return" riots at the Israeli border.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley sumitted a draft amendment that was voted, although some countries filed a motion that it did not get the necessary votes.

More than 120 Palestinian protesters have been killed by the Israeli military in the ongoing protests at the Gaza Strip.

He claimed that by supporting the resolution "you [ambassadors of member states] are empowering Hamas".

"Given that extremists will continue the fight, Israel reserved the right to carry out in the region of the so-called "preventive operations" and to respond to any attacks in the address", - summed up, in particular, he said. The assembly voted on the amendment, accepting it by a vote of 62 in favor, 58 opposed and 42 abstentions, but the General Assembly president refused to add the amendment to the resolution arguing that it required the approval of a two-thirds majority.

Israel and Hamas have fought three wars in Gaza and the United Nations has warned that a fourth conflict could be easily ignited.

"We will not stop flying our fire kites until the [Israeli] siege of Gaza is lifted", Mohamed, who did not reveal his last name for security reasons, said.

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