Trump says he wouldn't mind replacing NAFTA with 2 deals

Trump says he wouldn't mind replacing NAFTA with 2 deals

Trump says he wouldn't mind replacing NAFTA with 2 deals

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday dubbed trade tariffs imposed by the United States as insulting and unacceptable.

The United States on Thursday said it was moving ahead to impose tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminium, starting at midnight (0400 GMT on Friday), ending months of uncertainty about potential exemptions and sending a chill through financial markets.

"I had to highlight that there was no possibility of any Canadian prime minister signing a NAFTA deal that included a five-year sunset clause, and obviously the visit didn't happen", Trudeau said.

Both Abreu and Bergamaschi say worldwide climate change organizations also want the G7 to set the stage for countries around the world to agree to raise emissions targets they say remain far too low.

But he exempted Canada, Mexico and the European Union to buy time for negotiations, a reprieve that expired at midnight on Thursday. How the White House would deal with this remained unclear.

But, Trudeau said, the idea the Americans would even muse that its closest friend and ally could be a security threat is ridiculous. It sells the US more steel and aluminum than anyone else, in part because of deeply integrated auto and defense sectors. China is willing to expand imports from the US and other nations, it said, though the premise for any agreement is that the two sides won't start a trade war.

Trudeau denied on "Meet the Press" that Canada or its steel and aluminum industries posed any such menace.

The documents also discuss concerns about the impact on national security from economic threats and unemployment.

Mr Morneau has called that "absurd" because Canada is no security risk to the United States, and he warned the tariffs will destroy jobs on both sides of the border.

Canada announced plans to slap tariffs on $12.8 billion worth of US products, ranging from steel to yogurt.

The American move - which prompted retaliatory measures from Canada and others - threatens to drive a powerful wedge into the G7, and could fracture the long-standing multilateral relationship into something observers describe as a "G6 plus one", with the the outlier.

Trudeau said the goods Canada picked are those that can be easily sourced from domestic or other worldwide suppliers. The EU has stated that they are preparing similar tariff responses.

The tariff file also lands on Morneau's desk at a time when he's already been consumed in recent weeks - and particularly in recent days - by a major domestic issue: the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross once called Canada's USA envoy, during a Trump visit to Wisconsin, saying he's "never heard him so upset".

Trump has argued for years that the European Union, along with Mexico and Canada, have taken advantage of lowU.S. trade barriers, which harms manufacturing at home.

Trump asserted that the United States had to be treated fairly on trade.

"I don't think our tariffs are anything to do with our friendship and longstanding alliance with Canada", Kudlow said. "Highly restrictive on trade!" the president wrote on Twitter. "We're looking at a situation in which President Trump is likely to find himself isolated".

"We're going to be polite but we're not going to be pushed around", he said.

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