Trump expects to meet Putin during trip to Europe in July

Trump expects to meet Putin during trip to Europe in July

Trump expects to meet Putin during trip to Europe in July

Moscow and Washington struck a deal on Wednesday to hold the summit, a move likely to worry some USA allies and draw a fiery reaction from some of Trump's critics at home.

"Your visit here to Moscow inspires hope that we will be able to take first steps to restore full-fledged relations between Russian Federation and the United States", Putin told Bolton. The two leaders may issue a "joint statement" at the summit "outlining further steps to improve relations", the Russians said in their statements. For more on this, RT's America Manila Chan joined by former Pentagon official Michael Maloof.

Pompeo added that current relations with Russian Federation are about as bad as they have been in his lifetime and repeated assertions that the Trump administration has been tougher on Russian Federation than many previous ones.

There had been some speculation about whether the meeting between Bolton and Putin would even take place.

The long-anticipated Trump-Putin summit is now official.

He added that Russian Federation never wanted a confrontation with the US, offering to discuss what can be done to "restore full-fledged relations based on equality and mutual respect".

"What must guide his conduct of American foreign policy is the pursuit of American national interests", Bolton said of Trump "He will do this regardless of political criticism at home". "I think it will be the main worldwide event of the summer". Some media reports have mentioned Finland's capital, Helsinki, as a possible venue. Trump is expected to attend.

The last, brief meeting between Putin and Trump took place in November 2017 in Vietnam during an APEC summit.

Bolton said the USA position is that sanctions on Russia should remain in place, and that it will not recognize the Russian annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine.

The meeting is expected to take place after Trump attends the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit July 11 and 12 and visits Britain on July 13.

One reporter asked Bolton whether he felt it was appropriate for Trump and Putin to meet given that Russian Federation has not changed any of its behavior in the past.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, has emerged as a strong possibility for the meeting, a USA official said on Tuesday.

Ushakov said the Kremlin was satisfied with the talks with Bolton, describing them as "constructive and businesslike". He said he did not rule out Trump discussing Russian Federation rejoining the G7 to make it the G8 again.

Trump recently said Russian Federation should be reinstated back into the G7 after the country was expelled in 2014 for capturing Crimea from Ukraine and declaring the region to be part of Russian Federation.

Speculation has already begun regarding where the summit will take place.

Other topics of the Bolton meeting include nuclear arms control and the US president's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, the Russians said.

"I've said it from day one, getting along with Russian Federation and with China and with everybody is a very good thing", Trump said.

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