Tom Cruise Shares First "Top Gun" Sequel Photo

The actor is set to return to one of his most famous roles in the sequel 'Maverick' which will open

Tom Cruise Shares First "Top Gun" Sequel Photo

It appears that production has kicked off, as Tom Cruise has just given fans a look at the first image from the movie.

Check it out below.

Cruise, 56, and original producer Jerry Bruckheimer have long discussed a followup to the original "Top Gun".

Maverick's back ... and the need for speed is real.

Cruise has been talking about a Top Gun sequel since I was in a Freshmen in High School, which makes it truly surreal that the film has finally begun production.

Posting a throwback picture emblazoned with the legend "Feel the need", he's clutching his original flying helmet, with a fighter jet blurred in the background. It's one of the most iconic lines in movie history! Previous rumors surrounding the sequel point to Maverick having to deal with a new era of pilot-less aircrafts and drones - in other words, technological advancements that don't sit well with a gut-instinct flyboy like Maverick. "The Navy is very different now than it was in 1986". The cast also included Meg Ryan, Tim Robbins, Tom Skerritt and Michael Ironside.

Taking to Twitter, Cruise shared a photo of himself, seemingly in character - but who knows, maybe he dresses like this all the time - with the caption #Day1. Goose tragically died in the 1986 movie.

Cruise will reprise his role as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in "Top Gun: Maverick", which is expected to hit theaters in July 2019.

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