Social media sympathy & skepticism for LeBron James after NBA Finals defeat

LeBron James Cavs NBA Finals

Social media sympathy & skepticism for LeBron James after NBA Finals defeat

Following Friday's defeat to the Golden State Warriors - which handed Stephen Curry and Co. a 4-0 sweep and their third title in four years - James revealed he had injured his hand after Game 1 when he punched a blackboard in the locker room in a fit of anger. He needs to go out and figure out how to get another All-Star on this team who can help carry the offensive load for LeBron during the regular season and chip in during the postseason.

Golden State claimed the National Basketball Association championship in a runaway, and by the beginning of the fourth quarter, most minds naturally had shifted to what will be the biggest story in sports this summer.

Cleveland can't jump wildly into the free-agent pool, as the organization is now $38.5 million over the salary cap for the 2018-2019 season, according to Sportrac (and that's assuming James plays for at least his $35 million option). The man himself is unsure. James' squad came close in games three and four, but they got swept at their home court.

"The one thing that I've always done is consider my family, understanding especially where my boys are at this point in their age", James said.

"I think maybe the greatest testament to LeBron is that five years ago he was one of the top-five players of all time", Kerr reportedly said.

"The fact that they got here surprised me, actually", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. "Sitting down and considering everything, my family is a huge part of whatever I'll decide to do in my career, and it will continue to be that. They're very different, but however you want to rank them, they're right there together". "I'm going to be his biggest fan in there with what he's able to do. It ultimately will come down to me". The Rockets are the 2-1 favorites, followed by the Lakers at 5-2, the Sixers at 9-2, the Cavaliers at 5-1 and the Celtics at 10-1. Another route the Heat could take is clearing 55-60 million off it's cap space to sign James. With a bit of a logjam at certain positions and some heavy contracts on the books, it won't be easy to rearrange the roster around James.

Durant becomes the 11th player to win Finals MVP twice, joining six-time victor Michael Jordan, three-timers Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Duncan and LeBron James, and two-timers Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, Willis Reed and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, you have to wonder if Miami could pursue another high-level star to pair him up with.

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