Sen. Graham Wants DOJ Info on Strzok's 'Insurance' Text on Trump

Opponents Supporters of Trump Administration Weigh in on President's Visit


And we were joking but it's amusing because it reveals a truth: "I'm ashamed".

The Justice Department's watchdog faults former Comey for breaking with protocol in his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday questioned the Justice Department's inspector general about an August 2016 meeting in which then-agent Peter Strzok mentioned the Russian Federation probe as "an insurance policy" against Republican Donald Trump's election that November.

But his relationship with Trump turned sour and he was sacked by the new President.

In the interview, by Nick Ferrari on LBC, Comey attacked Trump's character.

He said: "I never saw him laugh and I had dinner alone with him for about an hour and a half".

'He talks almost the entire time and it's about him telling you how great he is and seeking your affirmation. In a letter to the editor published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, she wrote, "How much money will the College of William and Mary charge me to take an ethics class taught by James Comey?".

Comey said he believed many Americans are as opposed as he is to separating migrant children from their parents, and that the issue appears to have triggered a new level of social outrage and action. Comey said. "That's the kind of thing that awakens the giant".

He believes the U.S. has regressed to similar levels as the 1950s in terms of racism and intolerance, adding: "I think it's very similar".

And though he said the United States was suffering through a period of 'reaction and pain and retrenchment, ' he sounded an optimistic note. And we're led by someone who exploits that at the expense of the centre of America, which is our values.

"He understands to the core of his being that our leaders must have an abiding commitment to ethical behavior and sacrificial service if we are to have good government", Reveley said.

'We make great progress, we then retrench, then we make great progress again.

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