Prince Harry and Meghan at the Queen's Young Leaders Awards

Meghan Markle nominated for a Teen Choice Award

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Meghan and Her Maj looked like firm friends as they sat together during a trip up to Cheshire.

Meghan Markle's royal style has been a hot point of discussion since she married Prince Harry (after all, she is going head to head with Blake Lively for a Style Icon Award).

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have a different relationship with Queen Elizabeth II.

The monarch considers the Duchess of Cambridge an equal, something not yet afforded to Meghan, she claims.

The Duchess of Sussex's father Thomas Markle has complained about the royal family arranging to meet President Donald Trump before him.

Kate and The Queen enjoyed their first Royal day out nearly a year after she Wednesday Wills. Instead, Prince Charles stepped in and escorted her.

On the contrary, Markle looked a bit more stressed during her first engagement with the Queen.

So #thomasmarkle do you know who truly loves your daughter enough to put her first... to keep quiet, put up with the constant harassment of paparazzi and support their daughter from afar, in private and will continue to be a part of her life?

The event marks Meghan's second official royal outing with the Queen in recent weeks, following her wedding to Harry earlier this year on 19 May.

"The shared laughter and affection signals look very similar to Kate's poses but Meghan is now looking more like a grand-daughter-in-law than female friend".

Whether she eventually turns to some of Middleton's favorite cheaper brands or not, Markle is certainly carving out her own sophisticated and unique royal style.

"Kate has always been a "duck to water" in terms of her royal body language displays, and the fact that she had known William for years and had more access to role models for her new role emerged strongly in her non-verbal behavior with the Queen", she said.

Meghan, Harry and The Queen all looked prim and proper at the Queen's Young Leaders Reception on June 26.

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