Pence on Trump-Kim summit: 'It takes courage to make peace'

Pence on Trump-Kim summit: 'It takes courage to make peace'

Pence on Trump-Kim summit: 'It takes courage to make peace'

"It was not easy to get here", Kim said of the meeting.

He said it's meaningful in itself that the leaders of the United States and North Korea met, talked and signed an agreement that will carry more weight and significance than any pact previously made between the wartime foes.

Hours after his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday, President Donald Trump told reporters he hoped he would also be able to negotiate a "real deal" with Iran.

In the poll, Trump received a 51 percent approval rating for his handling of North Korea and also led the list of leaders who should take the most credit for the summit and the joint pledge.

Kim, in return, agreed to work toward a vague "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

The move - long demanded by Pyongyang - has been seen as major concession to North Korea and appeared to take USA allies in the region by surprise.

Pompeo, who flew to Seoul to brief South Korean leaders on the summit, said the USA wants North Korea to take "major" nuclear disarmament steps within the next two years - before the end of Trump's first term in 2021. This is the weakest statement that I have ever seen come out of any engagement with North Korea, much less at the highest ranking of the president of the United States meeting with Kim Jong Un. "No longer - sleep well tonight!"

North Korea still has nuclear weapons.

Trump had been scheduled to fly back to Washington tomorrow morning after spending today with Kim in Singapore, but on the eve of the summit, he altered his schedule, opting to return at about 8pm today after a full day of meetings with Kim - nearly 15 hours earlier than previously anticipated.

"Canada is the most compassionate country in the world", said An.

"The war games are very expensive", Trump said.

The two leaders "shared recognition to the effect that it is important to abide by the principle of step-by-step and simultaneous action in achieving peace, stability and denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula". The two sides promised to hold follow-up negotiations.

Corker said he is hopeful that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will debrief senators in the coming weeks so they can find out what really went on behind closed doors. David Perdue, R-Georgia, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said, "I'm very troubled today" by the president's halt to the exercises.

Democrats have blasted the summit as nothing but a photo op that played directly into Kim Jong Un's hands. "My meeting with Chairman Kim was honest, direct and productive". Ri is best remembered outside North Korea for her emotional deliveries of the deaths of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Un's father and grandfather.

"For North Korea, they got exactly what they wanted".

"I think they are one of the great winners today", he said.

"Otto did not die in vain".

And now here we are, talking seriously about not-nuking each other.

The White House said the two presidents reiterated their commitment to "close coordination" after the summit, but the readout did not elaborate on the discussion.

And while Trump and Kim have signed a joint statement that contained a repeat of past promises to work toward a denuclearized Korean Peninsula, the details haven't been nailed down.

"Assuredly, Nigeria will continue to advocate and promote peaceful resolution of conflict and crises around world", the ministry stated.

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