North Korea lauds, and basks in, Kim's summit performance

After arriving back in the United States, the president also tweeted that "everybody can now feel much safer". "Chairman Kim Jong Un highly praised the president's will and enthusiasm to resolve matters in a realistic way through dialogue and negotiations, away from the hostility-woven past", the piece reads. The Facts: Trump is wrong to suggest North Korea no longer poses a nuclear threat.

"We're hopeful that we can achieve that in, what was it, the next two and half years", the top American diplomat said when asked how soon the USA wanted to see North Korea move to dismantle its nuclear weapons program.

Kim spoke at the signing, through a translator, saying that they had a "historic meeting and made a decision to leave the past behind".

At a news conference in Singapore after almost five hours of talks there with Kim, Trump said he "knows for a fact" that North Korea is serious about denuclearization this time and that Kim "wants to do the right thing".

"Before taking office people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea", Trump added. -South Korea military drills halted, and claimed that the US had agreed to have a step-by-step winding down of North Korea's nuclear program, instead of the immediate dismantling the USA was originally after. "No longer - sleep well tonight!" the president wrote.

With both Trump and Kim now having exchanged invitations to each other's countries, the U.S. president sees a promising personal relationship with his North Korean counterpart as the key to further progress. According to the Washington Post, North Korea's definition of "denuclearization" is different from Trump's.

Adam Schiff, a top US Democrat and staunch Trump critic, warned the standoff was far from resolved.

"I suppose we could argue semantics, but let me assure you it's in the document", Pompeo said.

"We are hopeful this summit will have set the conditions for future successful talks", Pompeo said.

Asked whether he would invite Kim to the White House, Trump said: "Absolutely, I will".

On the way forward, Pompeo said, "I don't know exactly what the timing will be for our next conversation with the North Koreans".

The announcement caught not only allies Japan and South Korea off guard, it also took the U.S. military command in the South, U.S. Forces Korea, by surprise.

The move, long requested by Pyongyang, has been seen as a major concession to North Korea and has left one former South Korean military leader "speechless". Pompeo was slated to fly on to Beijing later Thursday. In agreeing to the summit, Trump risked granting Kim his long-sought recognition on the world stage in hopes of ending the North's nuclear program. The next scheduled major exercise, involving tens of thousands of troops, normally is held in August.

But Trump's triumphalism is not based on concrete commitments by Kim that were established by his own administration's expectations setting before the talks. The military exercises are central to the security of United States allies and crucial to maintaining the readiness and interoperability of forces. -South Korean drills was met with concern.

North Korea still has nuclear weapons.

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