Nintendo Switch Gets Fortnite Boost

Nintendo Switch Gets Fortnite Boost

Nintendo Switch Gets Fortnite Boost

Epic Games, the maker of popular video game Fortnite, has announced more details about its first World Cup. It basically offers the benefits of console gaming and mobile gaming in one.

During Nintendo's Treehouse Live stream on the E3 floor, "Fortnite" developer Epic Games confirmed that the battle royale game will have native voice chat support on the Switch. Every spot in the Fortnite World Cup, the seasons capstone event, will be earned via these events and no spot will be available for purchase or handed out to organizations. Epic will not be selling teams or franchises, and won't allow third-party leagues to do so either.

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch was announced and released today during Nintendo's E3 Direct presentation Tuesday afternoon. As one of the two biggest battle royale titles, there is a maddening rush to get players, sponsorship deals, and more between Fortnite and PUBG. With Switch, players can squad up with their friends in the same room or around the world, and even play on the go. Not that Epic Games have said anything about the revenue they've received from the game.

This is also flawless for the developer of the game, Epic Games, which is trying as hard as it can to expand its number of players.

With other games, the whole setup can be complicated. To top matters off, Epic Games will also be bringing Fortnite to Android by the end of summer, which would most certainly make the entire situation worse for PlayStation users.

As with highly competitive games runs by highly competitive game publishers, Fortnite is getting its own tourney with a $100,000,000 prize pool. It's especially frustrating for those who paid $10 for the Battle Pass, which adds premium features to the game - it means you'll have to buy it all over again with your brand-new second account.

Unfortunately, creating a new account is now the only solution until one of the many appeals to Sony potentially works.

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