Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she will lose provincial election

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she will lose provincial election

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she will lose provincial election

Kathleen Wynne, who has been in the Ontario Legislature for the past 15 years, serving as premier since 2013, said "I will no longer be Ontario's Premier".

These candidates are now among the slew of Liberals who will have to find a their own oath to victory, asking voters to give them a chance to hold a Progressive Conservative or NDP government in check after the June 7 election.

The decision was a hard one to make, she said, but seemed to be the only solution in an election where voters appear set on a new government but reluctant to fully hand over the reins to either of her rivals.

"What I said was my honest analysis of where we are and my best shot at being able to make sure that we continue to grow the economy and have a compassionate society at the same time". "I stand by the plan we put forward", she said. "And I'm okay with that", she said.

Observers have suggested that Wynne is less popular than her party, so her admission that she won't be premier will allow more Liberals to feel comfortable voting for the Liberal candidates that they do like, and that could allow them to elect more MPPs on Thursday.

At a news conference today in Toronto, Wynne admitted the polls show Ontarions want change. "You have to say, 'We're not going to take this, we are going to push back in order to protect our workers, their families, our communities'". She has always lived this value.

Perhaps if we're really lucky, we might see a replay of Kim Campbell's Party of Two in the 1993 federal election - an election that devastated the Tories, unseated Campbell and left her party with a mere two seats across the country.

Wynne said whichever way the vote goes, people should hope for a minority win to keep the government "from acting too extreme - one way or the other".

Ontario Steelworkers are proud to endorse Andrea Horwath and the NDP as the best choice in the June 7 election.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath is urging people not to vote for the Liberals, saying it won't lead to a minority government, it will lead to a Progressive Conservative majority. Wynne said this is to ensure neither the PC nor the NDP receives a majority. "We need to stay strong".

Repealing cap and trade would likely cost Ontario between $2 billion and $4 billion, according to a leading environmental lawyer, while most constitutional experts say a fight against Ottawa on carbon pricing is likely doomed. "She's saying, 'I'm not going to destroy this organization with my own personal hubris"'.

Wynne's move was completely self-serving. The NDP leader has been pushing for Liberal voters to join them to stop a Ford win.

Some might feel sorry for Wynne after watching her Saturday.

Horwath is scheduled to have a rally with NDP candidates and supporters on Sunday, June 3 in downtown Toronto.

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