LeBron James Texted Kevin Durant About Coming to LA

Kawhi Leonard is still angry with the Spurs over their treatment of his injury

GETTYKawhi Leonard is still angry with the Spurs over their treatment of his injury

The Spurs have wanted to find a way to fix the franchise's relationship with Leonard, but an overwhelming Lakers offer could convince San Antonio to part with its franchise star, league sources said.

Making things even trickier is that James wants to make a quick decision about where he's headed next once free agency begins on July 1, per ESPN.

"I think the people's MVP was definitely James, but the NBA MVP was definitely Bron".

Exactly where Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James will be playing next season remains a mystery, just days before he's expected to officially become a free agent.

With the Lakers and Spurs now engaging in talks, ESPN reported that the Spurs are hoping to get a package for Leonard that's greater than what the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers got for Kyrie Irving and George last summer, respectively.

But what if they strike out on James, George and Leonard in the next few weeks?

Note that this does NOT mean that we can not re-sign any of these players, unlike what some would lead you to believe. They're doing enough research to suggest that he's going to be willing to take that plunge and let the roster come together.

The most interesting man in the National Basketball Association today only has two days left to decide whether to stay in Cleveland or leave The Land, but up to this moment, there seems to be a dearth of information with regards to what LeBron James will do exactly.

In the latest batch of LeBron James rumors, LeBron James Jr.is reportedly very likely to enroll in Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, which creates more buzz around LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rockets star James Harden, who was named the 2018 NBA MVP on Monday, told USA Today the team doesn't necessarily need to make any major moves in the offseason.

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant believes his path was more hard than that of Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star LeBron James.

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