Latest top Pruitt aide to depart is EPA legal counsel

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Occupy Pruitt Hard Left Activists Publish EPA Chief’s Private Address – and Prove His Point… AP John Minchillo 5 Jun 2018

Pruitt's deal seems antithetical to President Trump's "drain the swamp" mantra.

On Monday, the Washington Post reported that Pruitt asked a staffer to help him purchase a discounted used mattress from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., as well as to help Pruitt apartment hunt and arrange Pruitt's personal vacations.

Last year, Pruitt also directed Hupp's younger sister to reach out to a senior executive at Chick-fil-A to inquire about a "business opportunity".

That business opportunity turned out to be Pruitt's desire to acquire a fast-food franchise for his wife. Federal rules bar public officials from receiving gifts from subordinates, including unpaid services, and from using their office for private gain.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday praised the job being done by Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, who is under fire over ethics and spending issues.

Democrats continue to call for Pruitt to resign amid the growing list of controversies. EPA is doing so well.

"If Ms. Hupp's statements to the Committee are accurate, Administrator Pruitt crossed a very clear line and must be held accountable", he said in a letter.

So professional. The backstory here is that a few weeks ago an Atlantic reporter revealed that Pruitt had asked for permission to raise the salaries of two of his favorite staffers, both of whom had followed him to DC from Oklahoma.

"Look, my wife is an entrepreneur herself - I love, she loves, we love".

On Wednesday, the EPA announced the resignation of Pruitt scheduler Millan Hupp.

"We've been looking into all the accusations but nevertheless Trump isn't fazed", said one official, "you would have thought after Chick-Fil-A that would have done it but he's not going anywhere". He's in the trough with all four paws and snout. "They're President Trump's policies".

The review becomes the latest in a succession of federal investigations of Pruitt and his agency by the EPA's inspector general, the GAO, the White House Office of Management and Budget, and Congress. The EPA in August spent $1,560 on a dozen customized silver fountain pens emblazoned with the agency's seal and Pruitt's signature. The EPA gave no reason for her departure.

"I think he's hurting his boss, and when he hurts his boss, he's hurting the American people", Mr. Kennedy said.

As EPA chief, Pruitt has received round-the-clock protection since he took office in February 2017.

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