KTAR.com Time magazine cover to feature Trump, crying immigrant child

The little girl with her mother

The little girl with her mother Credit John Moore Getty Images

An executive order signed by Mr Trump will keep families together at the border, but it comes too late for the 2,300 children who have already been split from their parents. And it has left a string of resonant images, videos, audio recordings and reports in its wake as people have sought to document the practice and see how it was being applied.

People have been reacting to the new cover and what it says about the legacy Trump will leave. "Vick notes that since Trump's inauguration, the president has said "'equality" only 12 times and "human rights' just 10 times".

The new cover features a picture of Trump looking down at a crying young migrant girl with the words "Welcome to America" in the background.

The crying two-year-old girl is a cut-out from a now-iconic photograph by Getty photographer John Moore that went viral in the U.S. and became a symbol of the Trump administration's new "zero tolerance" border policy.

Hernandez added that the girl was not separated from her mother, and they are being detained together.

Moore told Time taking this photo was also been hard not only as a photojournalist but also as a father. He had asked a Honduran woman if he could follow her and her 2-year-old daughter as they were processed. But while he claims no more children will be ripped from their parents at the USA border moving forward, there will be no recourse for the thousands of families already torn apart.

The Daily Mail sought out the father of the girl, and obtained more details about their asylum case - it turns out that the girl was not separated from her mother at all. "She needed to be with her mother". The mother and child were put into a van and driven off soon after, presumably to a detention center for processing. Blitt spoke a bit about the art of satire - how to use humor and when to back off it.

"I tried to calm him down as much as I could", Moore said.

Trump has yet to comment on the cover, but given his usual disdain for media criticism, it's likely only a matter of time.

Avi Selk contributed reporting.

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