Kim Jong Un impersonator questioned on arrival in Singapore

Kim Jong Un impersonator questioned on arrival in Singapore

Kim Jong Un impersonator questioned on arrival in Singapore

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "begged" US President Donald Trump to reschedule their summit meeting after Trump abruptly canceled it last month, Trump's personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani said Wednesday.

Asked if he would invite the dictator to the White House or his Mar-a-Lago Florida mansion Thursday, the president replied 'Maybe we'll start with the White House. "We're focused on the important things".

"Rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to this negotiation and this set of issues", Pompeo told reporters at the White House. "You have to be able to walk away", Trump said.

Mr Trump said there are a "lot of good factors lined up for North Korea" and that he thinks the summit will be "a terrific success or a modified success".

I think this is so typical of everything Donald Trump does.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday the president is being briefed on a daily or almost daily basis.

"He has indicated to me personally that he is prepared to denuclearize", Pompeo said. 'It's about trying to find a way where the two sides can come to an understanding, where we can get concrete steps, not just words, that resolve this challenge'.

Trump also downplayed rumors that he would be playing golf with Kim when they meet in Singapore next week.

In 2008, Singapore sent its then foreign minister, George Yeo, on an official visit to North Korea.

It would require the administration to transmit to congressional national security committees within 60 days of its enactment a report on the status of North Korea's nuclear program.

It raises hopes for a landmark breakthrough in efforts to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue and bring lasting peace to the peninsula - goals that have eluded leaders for decades amid on-again, off-again talks involving the North.

Sputnik: Why is it that some of Trump's senior staffers seem to be doing everything they can to scupper these talks?

He said the two leaders had an "in-depth and candid" exchange of views and the two countries "are always together". You never know in this world. The summit is all ready to go.

As of Thursday afternoon, however, talks were a go, with a caveat from President Trump that they could always be called off. "Things are moving along well".

The plans for summit between US and North Korea went through a tumultuous phase with leaders on both sides making various statements.

Abe's precarious political position at home would worsen badly if he were seen to have been complicit in a Trump arrangement with Kim that does not address the abductees.

With a history that stretches back to the 1880s, the restoration of the British colonial buildings included new hotel extensions and villas that feature 112 rooms, along with a conference room that spans 24,500 square feet (2,276 square meters), and a grand ballroom that can fit 400 people.

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