Kawhi Leonard wants Spurs to trade him

Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

And a response to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter this afternoon appears that Carr is intrigued by the possibility of the Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard going to the Lakers. The Spurs won, 98-96.

Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio, according to multiple reports that surfaced Friday morning. The source suggested that the Spurs' decision to make public that Leonard was cleared to play essentially "hung him out to dry". Could Kawhi Leonard potentially be that name?

Right now, Philadelphia is already listed as one of the early favorites to make a serious run in the Eastern Conference after winning 52 games this past season while making it to the semifinals of the playoffs before falling to the Boston Celtics.

The Spurs were reduced to giving only cryptic answers about Leonard's status. And as exciting as this trade may be, these three things must happen for the Lakers to seriously consider trading for Kawhi Leonard.

The Clippers also could have interest in Leonard.

Several league sources told me they anticipate Suns general manager Ryan McDonough to probe a Leonard deal using the no. 1 pick. He has not yet officially asked the team for a trade, however.

San Antonio has been a fierce rival of the Lakers during Coach Gregg Popovich's tenure with the Spurs.

Many have speculated that the two sides would eventually part ways.

Plus, there are questions about the Spurs' willingness to help create a Lakers superteam that could challenge the Golden State Warriors for National Basketball Association supremacy.

In fact, they've amended the offer for Lebron James.

The Cavs will likely have to give up a package centered on the 8th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft and five-time All-Star Kevin Love. Leonard and Popovich were scheduled to talk in the next few days, according to the Express-News report.

The bombshell report comes a day after Tim Duncan and Popovich reportedly met with Leonard in NY to convince him to come back. Therefore if the Suns want to trade up to one of those spots, chances are they will have to give up a whole heckuva lot, maybe not making such a deal worth it - especially when taking into consideration that for the Kings, they would be moving back 14 spots and the Grizzlies 12, meaning that for them, the talent differential from their current selection spot would be very big. If the Lakers are unable to convince the Spurs to take on Deng, they will have to convince another team to take on Luol's contract, team's such as the Mavs, Hawks or even the Nets. Some claim that it was a dirty play, but nonetheless, Leonard was out for some time.

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