Johnny Depp Is ''Healthy'' Despite Fans' Concerns Over New Photos

He posted with fans at the Four Seasons at the time. He looks sick. Or is stress with his life finally catching up with him?"Either way, he doesn't look like the Depp we all know!" the fan stated. That image provoked more concern with some calling him "sick" and "weak".

Eminem, Johnny Depp, and Sylvester Stallone have passed on Hollywood looks to their celeb offspring.

Depp's appearance shocked fans and had them anxious that he may be in a downward spiral.

Other person commented to the photo: "Why is he looking so skinny [?], hope he is ok".

Although the 54-year-old actor posed for the photos and was seen smiling, fans said he looked ill.

One fan took to her Instagram account to post a pic featuring her and the actor on May 27, and she assured everyone that while he seemed to be 'a little exhausted, ' he did not look ill at all.

As the Hollywood Reporter pointed out, Depp has recently been in the news because of a few different personal issues.

He claims they mismanaged his millions and left him vulnerable, a claim that they dispute.

He's also had numerous legal disputes with his former business managers, The Management Group, accusing them of mismanaging almost $40 million of his money by allegedly collecting fees he never approved, incurring penalties for failing to pay his taxes, and loaning millions without authorization.

Heard was given a $7million in a divorce settlement after they split.

It was reported by Empire previous year the actor was set to star in Richard Says Goodbye.

THR has reached out to the actor's representatives for comment.

While there has been speculation that his new appearance is for an upcoming film role, others rushed to social media to express their concern.

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