It Took Six Minutes For E3's First Battle Royale Announcement

EA Play Battlefield 5 news will be released very soon

EAEA Play Battlefield 5 news will be released very soon

Battlefield V is set against the backdrop of World War II.

He told us that games like Fortnite and PUBG are popular among DICE employees (as well as pretty much everyone else on the planet).

Today, during EA Play 2018's lineup of game announcement, Battlefield V was confirmed, perhaps unsurprisingly, to have its own Battle Royale mode. Check out the new E3 2018 multiplayer trailer below. Battlefield V will not contain loot boxes nor will it have a premium pass. The most important of it being, their take on the battle royale genre. The idea to add a battle royale mode to Battlefield V came from conversations DICE developers were having about the game inside the studio as opposed to being a directive that EA handed down to the studio, he suggested. Don't expect to hide from tanks in buildings, because they can just smash through them now. The publisher claims that it will be unlike anything players have played before, and it will reveal more details about it later this year. The developers also discussed how Battlefield V will feature more innovation, more impactful mechanics, and more freedom to customize your characters than ever before.

The news comes after Activision revealed last month that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will also have a Battle Royale mode.

Battlefield V will launch on October 19, and players who pre-order will be able to join the Open Beta for early access to the game.

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