Hitman 2 Leaks Ahead of Its Upcoming Reveal by Warner Bros

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New Hitman Announcement Teased for This Week

Are you a techie who knows how to write?

The next game by IO has been leaked on the Warner Bros. website, meaning that they will be publishing the game after Square Enix withdrew from the studio. Recently, IO Interactive split from Square Enix and partnered with Warner Bros. for the next installment in the franchise.

While the incriminating Hitman 2 logo has since been removed, but of course, someone was quick to take a screengrab before it disappeared.

Our guess is that Warner Bros will simply handle the distribution of the game and IO Interactive will retain the game's rights. If there is a new Hitman game in the works, WB Games will be the distributor. Not content to let fans make up information, IO Interactive has released an official teaser for the future of Hitman and it is pretty damn vague.

This tweet also features a video of a blurred figure and the words "Access Denied // June 7th, 2018" flashing across it.

The most recent iteration of Hitman, 2016's reboot delivered in episodic form, received much praise and healthy sales, so there's every likelihood that Hitman 2 will follow a similar format.

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