[H]ardOCP: Android Gets Messages for Web

Enable Android Messages for web

[H]ardOCP: Android Gets Messages for Web

You'll need to open Messages for web on your computer, then scan the QR code there with your phone.

Google is officially rolling out Android Messages client for Web after months of rumours, and a couple of months after an announcement on the company's part.

If you're an iPhone user who also has a Mac you can use the Messages app on your Mac itself, or if you use a Windows PC iPadian might be able to let you access iMessage.

The push towards messages on web platform is to compete with Whatsapp Web, Facebook Messenger, and Apple's iMessage.

The Smart Reply feature which was first seeded to Gmail now finds itself being ported to the Messages app on Android making it easy to instantly reply your friends easily. But messaging, of course, is a must-have - and users may be making picks among the various services that are hard if not impossible to shake.

The update also brings in several new features on the Android Messages app such as the use of Smart Reply. Not only that, you can also send stickers, emojis, and images. The latter will only be available in English for now, however, more languages will be supported soon. The organization called attention to that you can tap on the recommendations from the element to react to the messages without the need to type them.

These updates are in line with Google's efforts at increasing the utility of text messages. But if you'd like to learn more about how Android Messages work on desktop, keep reading. Datally by Google was released by the search giant a year ago with an aim to save additional mobile data for the users. The support for an inline preview of links in conversion has been added as well. From the left, you can tap New conversations to search for a contact and start a new message thread with them.

Google launched its very own podcast app Tuesday, giving Android users yet another way to listen to their favorite podcasts.

Lastly, the app now lets you easily copy one-time passwords or verification codes from sites such as banks.

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