Google Home and Chromecast are down, affecting users worldwide

After being down most of the day some Google Home smart speakers are working again

Google Home and Chromecast are down, affecting users worldwide

If you're like me, using your Google Home is something that's become part of your daily routine, whether you use it for controlling smart home gadgets or checking on the commute to work.

The only advice that Google seems to be giving is rebooting its devices by unplugging them from the power source, and plugging them back in two minutes later. The Google Home Help Forums are filled with similar complaints about the outage, also from users worldwide.

Are you affected by the outage?

Yes, if your Home and Chromecast devices aren't working, you're not alone.

In several cases, users first noticed the problem because the speakers had failed to play a wake-up alarm.

The malfunction comes a day after the Home speakers began handling Spanish-language queries.

Weve identified a fix for the issue impacting Google Home and Chromecast users and it will be automatically rolled out over the next 6 hours. If you would like an immediate fix please follow the directions to reboot your device.

If rebooting does not fix your issues, Google suggests that you contact them.

But it was only when the United States started waking up on Wednesday morning - the U.S. has the vast majority of Google Home devices - that the reports started flooding in, pointing to an outage of the entire system. A Google spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that there's an issue affecting "some" of its customers of these platforms, and it's now investigating the issue and working on a solution. "We are really sorry for the inconvenience and are taking steps to prevent this issue from happening in the future". Some European and Asia users are also affected.

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