Gmail redesign arrives for all users in July with limited opt-out

Gmail redesign arrives for all users in July with limited opt-out

Gmail redesign arrives for all users in July with limited opt-out

Google has announced that the redesigned version of Gmail will be available to everyone in July as part of its general availability (GA) launch. Just head to, tap on Settings in the top-right corner (the gear icon), and the very first option should be "Try the new Gmail".

After that last four-week stretch, users will be pushed to the new Gmail permanently with no option to opt-out.

It's worth mentioning that the July launch timeline has been shared for G Suite users.

The new Gmail redesign, love it or hate it, will eventually be the default look for all users.

Three months after July, around October, anyone who opted out of the new Gmail will be bumped across once again and the choice to opt out disappears.

Once that rollout begins, users will still have the ability to revert back to the old Gmail interface for "a period of time", but after 12 weeks following the rollout's start, Google will force everyone to use the new UI whether they've opted-in or not.

The new Gmail update will change your account from next month - here's how.

Today, Google posted its schedule for rolling out the redesigned Gmail experience to G Suite users. The opt-out will also no longer be available to users who've moved to the new Gmail already.

The new Gmail offers features like message snoozing, attachment previews, a sidebar for both Google apps like Calendar and third-party services like Trello, offline support, confidential messages that self-destruct after a set time, and more.

Gmail will be getting a brand new update next month, as Google roll out a bunch of new features. Google revealed that users will initially get the option to opt-in to the change or stick with the old (current) appearance.

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