‘Game of Thrones’ Stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington Married in Scotland

Wedding venue A large marquee has been erected on the sprawling grounds of the 12th Century castle which also happens to be the childhood home of redhead beauty Rose- with the abode having been in the Leslie family for 900 years

‘Game of Thrones’ Stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington Married in Scotland

Although they played Jon Snow and Ygritte together on "Game Of Thrones" and that didn't end particularly well, Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie today ended up tying the knot in Scotland. Cast members have been sharing emotional farewell messages from the sets.

Speaking to L'Uomo Vogue, Harington said it was "easy" to fall in love with Leslie and his best memory of the show was meeting his future partner while filming in Iceland in 2012. In true Scottish style, Leslie's kilt-sporting father walked her down the isle. Afterward, the bride and groom and their reported 100 guests headed to a reception held at nearby Wardhill Castle.

Fans of the show gathered outside 900-year-old Wardhill Castle in northeast Scotland, where the two British actors are due to Wednesday Saturday. The staff has set up a large marquee on the grounds - in the walled garden - and it will host the wedding breakfast as well as the after-dinner speeches.

The castle also features eight bedrooms, and the expectation is that Harington and Leslie will spend their wedding night in the room known as Laird's Bedroom.

That's right - she's a descendant of King Charles II. and her family owns a castle.

Peter accompanied Emilia, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, into the ceremony, with the pair beaming as they exited their vehicle and entered the chapel.

Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Maisie Williams (Arya) should be arriving soon.

And the June 23 date was posted at the Huntly registration office in Aberdeenshire, in the north east of Scotland, last month.

A Benedictine monk - father Chad Boulton - will be officiating the ceremony.

Leslie's character was killed two years after being introduced, while Harington went on to become one of the most popular (and highest paid) actors on TV in the subsequent seasons.

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