Farrah Abrahm Arrested For Striking Security Guard

Farrah Abraham

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Farrah Abraham's potty-mouthed tirade against police has been captured on camera.

"So if you wanna f-ing bulls- me and act like I'm not a real adult, go f- yourself, and go f- yourself and go f- yourself", she told an officer. The officers report that Farrah seemed intoxicated.

Reality star Farrah Abraham was arrested on Tuesday (June 12) at the Beverly Hills Hotel for allegedly getting into a fight with an employee.

It is believed Farrah got physical with the guard, "hitting him in the face with her forearm, pushing his head and grabbing his ear", after he'd asked her to leave when she got into a verbal altercation with a guest. Additionally, a source who overheard the incident told TMZ that Farrah pulled the old, humiliating "I'm a celebrity" and "you should know who I am" cards during the melee. She was booked at the Beverly Hills Jail and is her bail is set for $500.

"Farrah will return and continue to focus on her businesses and her daughter which is her #1 priority", read the statement. Per the watch commander, Abraham's charges are trespassing and battery. "Entrepreneur's workin even at the pool".

Interestingly Farrah posted a photo of herself at the hotel that afternoon where she was hanging out with Mark Cuban of all people.

Teen Mom is missing out on some drama!

Farrah Abraham's shocking arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel has been captured on tape and it includes the redhead firing multiple f-bombs at the cops!

Thanks for always keeping us entertained, Farrah!

She explained in the clip, which she shared with her 1.3 million Instagram followers: 'This booty cheek's done.

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