Elon Musk considers crowdsourcing Tesla manufacturing by having owners ‘help build’ cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is hellbent on chewing out a disgruntled employee

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is hellbent on chewing out a disgruntled

The automaker also claims that in May 2018 Tripp was reassigned to another role within the factory, a move that he was allegedly angry about.

Tesla told the Post that Tripp was not a whistleblower, but instead had made exaggerated and false claims in an attempt to hurt the company. In an interview with the Washington Post on Wednesday, Tripp, said that he discovered "some really scary things" at Tesla, including batteries that had been punctured and could pose a threat to people installed in the company's cars. The firm's attorneys said Tripp worked at Tesla from October to last week, when company investigators confronted him with evidence.

Tesla describes former employee Martin Tripp as a criminal, a man who hacked into Tesla's systems in order steal information and sully the company's reputation on safety.

"Tripp also made false claims about the information he stole from Tesla", the company's lawsuit alleges. The email was the latest turn in an us-versus-them narrative that has seen Musk blame short-sellers, Big Oil, the media, and now his own employees for Tesla's production problems. A Tesla spokesperson didn't say how many jobs would be affected by the closures, but that the downsizing in its solar business was part of Tesla's previously announced job-cut plans. Seeking Alpha's John Engle says: "Several Wall Street analysts already assign little to no value to Tesla's energy business; Musk may, at last, agree with them".

Musk urged employees to guard against "outside forces" (specifically "Wall Street short-sellers" and "oil & gas companies") as the company increased production. But we didn't learn that until Tesla filed a lawsuit against him on Wednesday.

Musk has been having it out over email with ex-Tesla employee and suspected saboteur Martin Tripp and the conversation isn't pretty.

Tripp told The Guardian: "I'm a scapegoat because I provided information that is absolutely true".

In addition, "he included large quantities that were not scrap from 2018 at all, but that were instead items such as materials from past year that had already been included in Tesla's 2017 financials, or that were simply serial numbers assigned as part of routine system testing to components that were never even made".

According to CNNMoney, Tripp has stated his actions were fueled by his concern for investors and the public.

Tesla has not officially commented on Tripps claims of being a whistleblower; Tripp is now trying to secure counsel to represent him in the lawsuit.

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