EA Brings Back Command & Conquer and It Is Disappointing

EA Brings Back Command & Conquer and It Is Disappointing

EA Brings Back Command & Conquer and It Is Disappointing

The new game will pit players against each other as they try to attack and defend their bases.

E3 is that time when developers, publishers, and players all come together for one of the biggest gaming launch announcements and teasers of the year.

The Command and Conquer franchise was a mainstay of the real-time strategy genre, basically synonymous with the loop of base-building and enemy-crushing.

EA announced the new mobile title alongside Anthem and a battle royale mode for Battlefield V at the EA Play event in Los Angeles. USA and Canadian Android® players that pre-register will also be eligible to join the Command & Conquer: Rivals Pre-Alpha.

Gameplay looks to be a strategic variant of the Domination game mode we've seen in so many first-person shooters. Although the game is not available for download yet, Android players are able to register to play the game in early access. That wait, it seems, isn't quite over but there is confirmation that EA is still thinking about the property. Will you be dumping Clash of Clans for Command & Conquer: Rivals? With games of this kind, there is naturally a kind of rock / paper / scissors style of combat, so it's good to have a mix of troops to counter any situation. The two armies to choose between are the Global Defense Initiative, and the Brotherhood of Nod. This game depends a lot on timing as you need to make enough units to control three zones that allow you to launch a big missile at the enemy base.

Fans, however, have expressed their disapproval of the new Command & Conquer game, as shown by the YouTube downvotes and Twitter reactions against Command & Conquer: Rivals. EA has more than 300 million registered players around the world. Google Play is a trademark and Android is a registered trademark of Google LLC.

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