Did LeBron James try to lure Kevin Durant away from Warriors?

How the 76ers should convince Le Bron James to sign with them

How the 76ers should convince Le Bron James to sign with them

For all the news that has come out about Kawhi demanding to leave the Spurs, super max money plus LeBron James is something that no other team would be able to offer. As far as I'm concerned, LeBron James is big-time player. I'm the reigning two-time NBA Finals MVP.

While Twitter going berserk with rumors and speculation as to where James will be playing next season as well as how he'll be affected by Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, the Cavs star is spending his time... jumping off cliffs?

James hasn't ruled out staying in Cleveland but he has a reputation for seeking out greener pastures and no fans know that better than the Cavaliers' faithful.

The old rivals are among the teams discussing a trade with the Spurs for their All-Star forward, ESPN reported Thursday, as the chase for Leonard continues to heat up with the beginning of free agency just days away. The Nuggets, who will be deep into the luxury tax after re-signing restricted free agent center Nikola Jokic next month, have about $34 million in expiring contracts for Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur and Wilson Chandler to send out in possible deals.

Medium Large is looking to add motivated individuals with big dreams and a big appetite for success to our LakersNation.com direct sales team based in Los Angeles or Orange County. Today, we'll let you know about 3 last-minute moves they could do to keep LeBron on board.

Since returning to the Cavs in 2014, James has kept them on edge every season by signing two-year deals with opt-outs after one year. In order to get him a year early, the Lakers would likely need to put together a haul of young assets and future draft picks.

"Behind the scenes, Kevin Durant was like, 'Why would I do that?' " Smith went on.

Now, that was 'funny-ish.' Anthony Anderson kicked off the 2nd NBA Awards by taking a shot at LeBron James's future - and hairstyle - while dragging J.R. Smith's epic NBA Finals blunder!

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