Armed bystander shoots, kills gunman in Washington Walmart parking lot

Мужчина расстрелял посетителей в американском супермаркете

A gunman opened fire in a busy supermarket in Washington state. At Walmart in Washington state was shot several people

In one attempted carjacking, the suspect shot a man twice, leaving him in critical condition. While police searched for the suspect, calls began pouring in about shots being fired at a nearby intersection.

"Then the suspect tried to hijack a second auto".

As the suspect tried to take a second vehicle a "bystander here in the parking lot shot the suspect", Wohl said.

A gunman who opened fire inside a Tumwater, Washington, Walmart and injured at least two people during carjacking attempts was fatally shot by one of two armed civilians confronting him Sunday evening, according to police.

When they arrived at the Walmart, they learned that a man had tried to carjack a vehicle, and shot a man inside the auto twice.

Megan Chadwick, told KIRO-TV that her husband witnessed the bystander shoot the suspect.

"As we were speaking to witnesses at that scene, we get another call of shots fired here at Walmart", Wohl said.

Day then attempted to carjack at least two more vehicles, including firing shots, before finally carjacking a third vehicle that he drove to Walmart.

The 44-year-old man, identified as Tim O. Day, was ultimately shot and killed outside the store by a 47-year-old Oakville man. He tweeted: "I was in the dairy section".

Some of them directed vehicles away from the parking lot of the store, which was ringed with yellow tape. His father stomped on the gas pedal, causing the auto to spin, Kyle Fievez told the paper. She also said there was some indication that Day had suffered from mental health and drug abuse problems. She heard, "pop, pop, pop", but thought something heavy had fallen onto the floor. It also appeared that her auto had been stolen. She eventually found a woman in her auto near the parking lot exit and banged on the door to help.

"I thought that was weird", she told The Olympian. Adams said he wound up being near where the suspect was eventually shot. "Then somebody yelled 'Run, run!' and everyone took off", Bailey said.

"When we got about to the door, I heard someone say, 'gun". "This guy was just shooting randomly in the parking lot". The only facts which seem to not be in dispute are that police were alerted to possible criminal activity in the area when a man with a gun was seen near the Walmart.

She said authorities believe they "have all the primary witnesses and will be able to move forward". She was hiding on the ground crying.

"He is a true hero because there would have been more victims", Adams said.

She said about that time the neighboring Costco store started evacuating its customers.

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