Apple's new phone software speeds up older devices

Apple is expected to announce its new mobile operating system iOS 12

Apple is expected to announce its new mobile operating system iOS 12. Credit Bloomberg

"[Apps] try to draw us in for fear of missing out", said Apple's Crag Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering.

Below is a brief rundown of what's new in iOS 12.

Apple said that native iOS 12 apps such as Safari, Messages, Mail, News, and Notes will natively support the new usdz format. Considering lots of people complained about just how buggy iOS 11 was, this is a nice touch and one that'll likely go down well with customers.

Apps will now open 40 percent faster and the camera function will also be quicker to access.

Screen Time will be available with iOS 12, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, which launches later this year. Users can customize Shortcuts by creating a simple voice command to kick off the task or download the new Shortcuts app to create a series of actions from different apps that can be carried out with a simple tap or customized voice command. In April, it poached a top Google executive to spearhead its machine learning and AI efforts, so a preview of Siri improvements could also be on the table.

For example, saying the word "Travel Plans" could prompt Siri to pull your flight and hotel info from the Kayak app and relay it to you.

Voice Memos: a new design and iPad availability. iCloud support is also coming so your voice recordings will sync across your devices. As part of all this, there is a new Shortcuts app by Apple.

Niantic also followed up on ARKit incredibly fast, delivering AR Plus on iOS in record time after the technology was publicly announced.

If you've ever seen macOS's Time Machine app, the way in which notifications are stacked will look familiar.

Another nifty trick is being able to set individual timers for apps. And if you want to watch it, there are several options. Apple News is now built into Stocks, too. This is all very granular, so you can allow your children to always have access to the phone, but limited access to, say, Instagram or Facebook. Last year's iOS 11 was all about bringing MacOS-like productivity features to the iPad, such as a file manager app and the new dock that can hold up to 16 icons (apps or folders).

FaceTime will be able to host 32 video tiles at once, with the tiles expanding and shrinking depending on who's talking.

BREAKING: This is a live piece and we'll update it throughout the conference.

What devices are compatible with iOS 12?

Apps can have an "Add to Siri" button with your own search phrase. Among them: an upgraded version of its Do Not Disturb feature, more robust parental controls, a feature called Screen Time that will help users track the amount of time they're spending with particular apps, and another one called App Limits that will allow users to curtail the amount of time they're spending with certain apps.

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