Anthony Bourdain dead: Chef had no narcotics in system when he died

Travel Channel

Travel Channel

In the aftermath of his tragic passing, officials have been investigating his suicide for any key factors that may have contributed to his death.

French prosecutors had previously said that all indications pointed to suicide by hanging.

Christian de Rocquigny, the local prosecutor leading the investigation, told The New York Times the only substance uncovered in the toxicology report was a non-narcotic medicine in a "therapeutic dose".

In 2017, Bourdain told the New Yorker he suffered from a serious drug addiction in the '80s while working in New York City restaurants.

The 42-year-old actress and filmmaker took to social media to share her grief, two weeks since the popular chef's death.

Anthony Bourdain's sobriety was intact up until his death.

Anthony Bourdain was cremated in France, and his remains and travel belongings were sent to his younger brother, Christopher Bourdain.

A private family ceremony will probably follow soon, she said, adding: "He would want as little fuss as possible". Parts Unknown saw Bourdain focus on cuisines from around the world, and he visited places including Ethiopia, Jamaica, Tokyo and Rome for the CNN series. Despite her not being fond of Bourdain's tattoos, which chronicled his culinary adventures, she plans on using his tattoo artist for her first and last tattoo. One of those celebrities was Anthony's girlfriend, Asia Argento - one of the most vocal accusers of Harvey Weinstein.

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