After teasing a name change, IHOP becomes IHOb

When the chain announced that the International House of Pancakes had transformed into the International House of Burgers, many people freaked out. IHOP said Monday that it's temporarily changing its branding to IHOB with the B standing for burgers.

The restaurant chain announced Monday that the "b" in IHOb stands for burger.

The International House of Pancakes took to Twitter to make the startling announcement, as well as show of their new logo. It is only a marketing campaign and IHOP isn't officially changing its name.

Don't fret - IHOP fans - the name is only temporary! The company disclosed the new IHOb identity last week, although it didn't say what the "b" represented.

Rebelez said that bringing burgers to an iconic restaurant like IHOP was a "fantastic combination". And we imagine IHOP will be realizing before long what the people really want from its kitchen.

The new burgers are available with unlimited french fries and a drink for $6.99.

Still, it's worth wondering why IHOP is going through all this trouble.

"Why couldn't you be global house of brunch and start serving mimosas and bellinis", somebody else questioned.

Until now, IHOP featured just three traditional burgers on its menu.

The restaurant chain finally revealed the mystery.

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